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Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturers in Delhi

Power Line Systems Pvt. Ltd., an ISO Certified company is a renowned name in designing, manufacturing and creating world class power conditioning equipments. Keeping in mind the needs of the small organisation as well as big industries, Power Line offers a full range of power conditioning products and services to reduce the blow of today’s harsh power supply and electrical environment. The power control equipments we manufacture are Servo Voltage Stabilizers with Digital technology IGBT based online UPS, Automatic and Manual Stabilizer, Variacs, Servo Motors, CVTs, Invertors, and various Industrial and isolated transformers.We are the leading servo voltage stabilizer manuafcturer,supplier and distributor in india.

We have years of experience creating unparalleled products and have marked our global presence in the Power Products industry. Our Servo Voltage stabilizers are created and tested in accordance with IS 9815-94 standards. Our invertors and UPS products are small sleek and very attractive, based on state-of-the-art MOSFET PWM and IGBT technologies with Microprocessor Controlled LED & LCD Digital Display System.

Our uncompromising quality standards have established us as the most accomplished supplier of power control products. We make every effort to develop amicably, long lasting relation with our customers. Our job is to make your job easier. We have decided to reach up to rural level and to expand we invite you to join us as an entrepreneur with commitment towards growth. In turn, we promise you exponential growth with good returns.

Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturers in Delhi

The key to success, and responsible for our company’s growth, is our R&D. Our R&D Team comprises more than twenty highly experienced and dedicated experts in the field of Power Systems and related areas. Every effort is made to keep the development cycle short without losing focus on key issues like reliability, maintainability and the need to deliver value-for-money.

Our company’s in house R&D Unit has obtained recognition from the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Government of India. Our future is dependent on our ability to provide quality and services that meet or exceed our customers’ requirement in terms of price, delivery, and quality. And we achieve this objective under the assistance and with proper guidance of our R&D team.


Our company is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure that includes high-technology, and equipment like Power Analysers, Digital Scopes, Waveform Generator, Curve Tracer, Protocol Analyser, Spectrum Analysers, Brake Dynamometer, Emulator and Simulator for DSP & Micro Controller applications, and Programmable Power Supplies. Our significant infrastructure enables Power Line Systems to develop design capabilities that are at par with international standards.

Power Line has attained a remarkable place in the global market creating unequalled products. This has occurred due to combination of factors, chief among them the quality and reliability of our products, unconditional guarantee, user friendliness, sensible pricing, efficient services, wide national network, global presence, Over 180.000 installations, capable and experienced team of engineers, reliable country wide sales and support services and more important is to keep a pace with international development in their field with constant up-gradation of technology.


The key objective that Power Line Systems focuses on is to develop products that are relevant, affordable, easy-to-maintain and offer true value-for-money to the end-users.


Power Line Systems is a name synonymous with quality and has made a commitment to excellence. In order to fulfil this commitment, our management is supplying its employees with the training, resources and conditions to do the right job. Quality Assurance department monitors all activities relating to the inspection and acceptance of inward goods, in-process quality control and inspection, and certification of finished goods and repair services. This single minded focus on quality enabled Power Line Systems to become the first inverter company in India to receive the ISO 9001 certification.

You can count on us to provide you with high quality products, great deals, and complete customer satisfaction. Our team of quality control experts maintain a strict vigilance at each and every manufacturing stage thus ensuring the customers of reliable products. The company has implemented Total Quality Management (TQM) practices involving extremely demanding test protocols at every stage of the manufacturing process right down to final inspection prior to delivery. As a result of this, every product that reaches the end-user is in conformity with exacting predetermined standards.

Customer Care

Customer care is the strength of our business. We have a team of experienced, qualified and trained professionals. To supplement the customer support we stock a reasonable stock of spare parts at our office. The installation / Commissioning and warranty services are provided by us on behalf of our principals.

Feel free to query us :- 011-22593086 , 65257010, 64597010

Our Email ID : info@powerlineservo.com

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